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Heroes Flashfiction

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Welcome to the Heroes Flashfiction community!


- Challenges will be posted once a week. You have one week to respond to the challenge. No more challenge responses may be posted once the new challenge is posted.

- Once per month, there will be challenge amnesty, and responses to any challenge, past or present, will be welcome.

- The story must be posted in full to the heroes_flashfic community for archiving purposes. No fake cuts. However, you may post and cross-post wherever you like!

- Please suggest challenges! Challenge suggestions should be posted in the comments section of previous challenges.

- Spoiler Policy: if your story contains spoilers for any episode or season that has not yet aired anywhere in the continental U.S., a spoiler warning should be included and visible outside of the story cut tag.

- For your archivist's convenience, please include "by [your author name]" in the subject line of your post. Stories will be archived in the memories section by challenge name. Please use a cut tag and warn for explicit sex; pairings, ratings, other warnings, and other information is appreciated but not required. Caveat lector.

- Please contribute Heroes stories ranging from 100 to 2000 words. This is not an actual official word limit, and we won't police it, but shorter stories are actively encouraged.

- However, regardless of the length of your story, please only post it in a single part -- the livejournal limit on post size is very large and should not be a problem for the flashfic comm (if your flashfic is 12,000 words, it's not really flashfic!). If your story exceeds that size or needs special formatting because you just got carried away with a great idea, well, we encourage that. If that should happen, contact the MODS for special dispensation to post using a fake cut so that you only have to do all that once.

- All ratings, pairings, slash, gen, you name it, are welcome here, as long as it satisfies the conditions of the challenge.

- If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment in any ADMIN post. Current mods for this community are trascendenza, technosage, linaerys and just_katarin.

* * *

Userinfo shamelessly gacked and then modified from astolat, cesperanza, and merryish at sga_flashfic. Thanks ladies!

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Challenge list, for your convenience:

#1: Eclipse
#2: In the Beginning
#3: Travelling Through
#4: Secrets
#5: Save the Heroes
#6. Glee
#7. Temptation
#8. Daddy Issues
#9. Lost and Found
#10. Watch Me Watch You
#11. Future Imperfect
#12. Somewhen Over the Rainbow