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23 April 2008 @ 07:04 pm
Title: Countdown
Rating: PG? Slight language, mention of violence (completely non-graphic).
Spoilers/Warnings: Slight language, completely non-graphic mention of violence. ;] Spoilers through Powerless (that was this season's finale, right?) plus speculation for the third season. But it's pure guesswork, so.
Challenge: Save The Heroes
Summary: Conversing with Bob was a kind of art -- if you didn't sound casually interested, he'd accuse you of being emotionally involved. There is a moment in which they look at each other, and then Bob shakes his head. Bennett readjusts to life with the Company.
Notes: I didn't see that the amnesty challenge had been closed, so I brushed the dust off of this and finished it. :]

I don't remember who first advanced a couple of the theories I threw in here, just that I've seen them around, and I like them a lot. Oh fannish geniuses of the internets, you never cease to amaze. ;]

Five hours and counting.Collapse )
The Amnesty Challenge went on a bit longer than originally intended, but it will be ending this Wednesday. If you have any last minute entries, post them before then!

Aspirations - Matt/Mohinder & Molly, PG, 389 words, early second season spoilers

Some people were born to be heroes... Molly slips into her cardboard wings, and hopes she can live up to expectations...

11 March 2008 @ 10:16 am
Title: Get Dressed Let's Go
Author: Rainne
Characters: Sylar, Mohinder, semi-OFC, a mention of Maury
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,482
Disclaimer: *checks pockets* Heroes, Heroes... Nope, afraid not. *sighs*
A/N: I never thought I would actually write this- it was just a silly idea The Fratellis' "Creeping Up the Backstairs" kept giving me every time I heard it. For the Lyrics challenge.
Summary: Pre-slash high school!AU, though pretty much without the high school. OOC!Sylar, since he's not a murdering sociopath yet. Anyway, goodie two shoes Mohinder meets bad boy Gabriel.

You're going to make a mother's nightmare out of me, aren't you?Collapse )
07 March 2008 @ 12:45 am
The next two weeks are amnesty.

Amnesty means you can respond to any previously issued challenge, whether you have responded to it before or not.

The past challenges have been:

01: Eclipse
02: In the Beginning
03: Travelling Through
04: Secrets
05: Save the Heroes
06: Glee
07: Temptation
08: Daddy Issue
09: Lost and Found
10: Watch Me Watch You
11: Future Imperfect
12: Somewhen Over the Rainbow
13: High School
14: Lockdown
15: Bodyswap
16: Wing!fic
17: Weddings
18: Around the World
19: Prompt Grab Bag (Adaptation; Photograph; Lyrics)
20: Double Helix (Picture)
21: Regrets
22: What Next?

Have fun and get flashficcing! Any questions feel free to leave a comment on this post or PM me, but please be sure to ask before the 9th, as I'll be out of town until the 18th. :)
03 March 2008 @ 11:35 am

The Bad Part - Matt/Mohinder, U, 360 words, early first season spoilers

Flowers? A little kitten? What next! Matt thinks he can buy his way out of things with goodies again...

28 February 2008 @ 02:19 pm
This week's challenge is What Next?

This could include:
  • What might happen in the next season? You can write a scene from the possible season 3, or a scene from the season 3 you'd like to see happen.

  • What happened right after the season two finale?

  • Any broader implications of "what next?", such as what will the Heroes do once they've been revealed? Or what will a specific character do once they'd achieved a certain goal (for example, what might Mohinder dedicate his research to once he's found the cure to the virus? Etc.).

The prompt is pretty loose, so play with it as you will. You have a week to respond. Any questions, feel free to comment to this post or contact me via PM, and suggestions for future challenges are welcome at any time.
21 February 2008 @ 03:25 am
This week's challenge is the word regrets.

re·gret /rɪˈgrɛt/ [ri-gret] verb, -gret·ted, -gret·ting, noun
–verb (used with object)

1. to feel sorrow or remorse for (an act, fault, disappointment, etc.): He no sooner spoke than he regretted it.
2. to think of with a sense of loss: to regret one's vanished youth.

More definitions, origin, etc.Collapse )

As always, feel free to use the challenge word as you see fit--within the fic, as a thematic inspiration, etc.

You have a week to respond. Any questions, feel free to comment to this post or contact me via PM, and suggestions for future challenges are welcome at any time.
14 February 2008 @ 02:21 am
This week the challenge is an image. See it here:

[ Double Helix DNA strand. ]

You have a week to respond, and may use the prompt however you see fit—literally, figuratively, metaphorically. Your creativity is the only limit. Any questions, feel free to comment to this post or contact me via PM, and suggestions for future challenges are welcome at any time.
12 February 2008 @ 07:22 pm
Challenge #19 will be ending tomorrow when the next challenge is posted, so if you wanted to write for it, be sure to do it before then!